Better Treatment for Whiplash

A Better Treatment following Whiplash

Whiplash is the common term for the soft tissue injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents. The range of injuries varies from a low grade single muscle stretch or tear to involving multiple tissues of varying severity. Increasingly, whiplash is acknowledged to involve some degree of concussion or traumatic brain injury. Whiplash injuries are very responsive to Bioflex low intensity laser, which has the optimal parameters to accelerate the healing process and speed recovery.

The brain is normally protected from the blood which circulates in the rest of the body by the blood brain barrier, and consequently is non-responsive to the beneficial effects of laser applied to distant regions of the body. The rationale of applying laser to the neck following whiplash has always been to accelerate the healing of the sprain and strain injuries characteristic of most traumatic injuries; it was not thought to be an effective modality for the concussion injuries which sometimes accompany the neck trauma.

However, recent studies confirm that the specialized tissues of the blood brain barrier do respond to laser, and can be accessed through the upper neck. This has the effect of speeding recovery from concussion; this is a really nice treatment option because it is non-invasive and non-toxic, and there are so few good treatment options available.

Perhaps even more than being able to offer a superior modality for drug-free pain relief and accelerated healing, our collaborative model of care provides for a multi-dimensional treatment experience. This is particularly important in the management of whiplash because it is often not a simple injury: there is possibility of multiple sites of trauma; underlying and pre-existing diseases, such as diabetes or thyroid dysfunction can also complicate recovery; as can emotional stressors, which may relate to family schedules and care, work issues, etc.

Altogether, accelerated healing of both neck and concussion injuries,and the ability to deal with under-lying disease and emotional stressors if present, combine to provide you with enhanced and comprehensive treatment ...a better treatment following whiplash!.