Energy Balancing Provides Effective Release for Stress and Tension

Stress and tension affect everyone. In the clinic setting, we frequently hear patients tell us that their pain is stress related, other patients carry tension in their necks and/or shoulders, others present with tension headaches… the list goes on. When we are unable to effectively diffuse the stress in our lives, we set ourselves up for stress-related disease, such as ulcers and high blood pressure. Stress can also sustain the inflammatory process, delaying natural healing and resulting in a chronic pain condition. It’s one thing to recognize the relationship between stress, tension, pain and health. What to do about it is another thing altogether.

Although not new, energy balancing techniques are being increasingly appreciated as good mechanisms for releasing stress and tension. They encompass a very wide range of techniques which include mindfulness, meditation, and therapeutic touch and movement. The most effective practitioners study broadly and can offer a skillset incorporating multiple energy balancing techniques.

We are very pleased to introduce Valerio Tonelli Enrico, an Italian physiotherapist who is studying at MUN, who will assist at our clinic while he pursues post-graduate work and works his way through the Canadian Physiotherapy registration process. He has a special interest in energy balancing techniques and has travelled broadly to expand both his physiotherapy and energy balancing knowledge and skills. We expect these next few months will be a very exciting and mutually beneficial time for us as we share and expand our knowledge base.

Valerio will provide two main services during his time at the clinic. He will work with our physiotherapist, Estelle, incorporating stress releasing techniques into laser and exercise program design and provide close supervision of exercise routines . He will also familiarize us-- both clients and staff-- with the best application and usefulness of energy balancing techniques, both as a component of treatment and as a life skill to promote a healthy lifestyle.

We welcome any of our present and former patients who are interested in updating their exercise programs to incorporate stress releasing techniques, those who believe they would benefit from close supervision to perfect home exercise routines, and anyone interested in learning more about energy balancing sessions to contact the clinic.