Energy Healing

To understand how it works you have to remember some basic science. If you remember, our bodies are made of cells which are comprised of molecules and electrons and protons and so on. We are essentially compressed vibrating energy formed into mass. Because we see and feel physical sensations we forget that we are electrical impulses. Every movement, every thought our whole physical body is energy.

Our bodies are designed to vibrate in perfect harmony. However, for a variety of reasons, sometimes those electrical impulses and vibrations get knocked out of gear. When that happens, it can cause a chain reaction of interrupted movement that can affect our emotional and physical well-being. This will show up as discomfort or pain.

The key to health is reminding the body energy how to move in harmony again.

Thoughts, feelings, emotions tend to get stored in our physical energy field if we do not release, accept, forgive. They then become blocks and become little storehouses of blocked energy - collecting more thoughts, feelings and emotions over time.

These blocks will first become emotional issues, then physical issues. Unless released the same emotional triggers will become increasingly strong over time - often leading to physical problems.

Identifying the blocks and the underlying causes is essential to the healing process. Using intuitive insight, guided visualization and coaching I work with clients to release and heal the blocks.

Healing occurs to the degree that you are willing to let go of the root causes of the blocks. For some people this happens in degrees, each session releasing a little more until you feel free. For others they experience release in a single session.

If you feel this is what you need please book a 30 or 60 minute session. Follow your own intuitive guidance system to tell you which is best for you.

We will discuss any need for follow up sessions at the end of your initial session. My goal is to teach you how to release stored emotions/blocks for yourself.

*Energy Healing should be used in conjunction with solid medical advice. It should not be used as a replacement for traditional medical services.

Amanda Maynard is a trained coach & intuitive healer. Bringing over 20 years experience to the clinic, she uses a very powerful and effective combination of her experience, training, and intuition to help people gain control of their life and mindset to manifest happiness on all fronts.