Never Ever Give up

Never ever give up

Recently a woman came to the clinic seeking a posture shirt to help support her spine during long commutes.

She'd learned about the Alignmed Posture Shirts from one of our newsletters. She and her husband, Fred, have been receiving the newsletters for a number of years, since he was treated at the clinic for sciatica.

Her husband, Fred, was happy to relate his experience at ALH Clinic. He sought laser therapy for a painful bout of sciatica that kept him out of his boat and off the water. The pain was so bad he considered selling the boat. In 2013, Fred had 12 treatments over a month-long period. At his final consultation, he was disappointed because he still was not well enough to work and could not get back to his beloved boat.

To Fred's surprise, his back continued to improve and, within a couple of weeks, he was well enough .... to take the for sale sign off his boat and return to the activities he enjoyed. Nearly four years later, he is still doing well.

We have noticed that Fred's experience is quite common. Once the healing response has been stimulated by laser therapy, it continues to work even after the treatment has ceased.

Fred's story is inspiring, for sure, and a good reminder that a little patience is needed to allow the body to respond to laser... Don't give up too early. Stay the course and follow the treatment plan prescribed. While not everybody responds to laser, more than 80% do, and you too may achieve the results you desire.

If you are dealing with long-term back pain, a quick fix may not be in the cards. Healing takes time.


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