How To Sit Up Straighter & Reduce
Back Pain - Without Thinking About It!

You're complaining about back pain, when you hear the words "You need to improve your posture!" How many times has your physio, mother, fitness instructor, spouse or other well-meaning friend said just that?

Now, good posture just got a little easier!

Sit Up Straight

Here at our clinic we are always on the lookout for products and things that will help our patients recover better, faster, and easier. And good news!! Science has delivered a winner product that we just love!

First... there's a story behind our love for these shirts!

One day, a client of ours asked Estelle's general opinion on posture shirts. At first Estelle's response was quite dismissive... she'd never seen one in action, but regardless of what material you surrounded yourself with, you could still slouch within the support, so you'd be better off building the muscle the old fashioned way. Good thing our client paid no attention and got a posture shirt anyway! Several weeks after this exchange, our client returned for a recheck, much improved... She appreciated the importance and role of corrective exercise, but was also very pleased with the support she derived from her newly acquired posture shirt. Both the gentle "tug" of the fabric on her muscles was helpful itself, AND it acted as a constant reminder while she was wearing it.

After these results, Estelle researched the development and testing of the posture shirt, with particular interest on the clinical testing done at the University of Kentucky and the Lexington Sports Medical Centre. They conducted a well designed clinical trial on 30 volunteers, and confirmed that the shirt improves the position of the shoulder blade, with clear benefit to rotator cuff function. So Estelle got a shirt for herself... and loved it!

In true medical diplomacy, Estelle wants you to know that the posture shirt is unlikely to cure rotator cuff or other posture related pathologies, but... what a wonderfully supportive part of the management of these injuries a simple shirt can offer! In just the same way that the ergonomic chair has revolutionized office environments and can relieve low back pathologies, the posture shirt can provide some support in activities which demand quiet sitting, such as driving, working on a computer, reading or watching TV, etc. While the posture support can be an amazing part of a corrective physio treatment plan for upper back and shoulder injuries, it may also have a role in slowing down the progression of these injuries (Read: less re-injury due to daily activities on a sore back/shoulder).

For sports junkies, it's interesting that research has also been conducted which confirms it can enhance upper back and shoulder function in many sports... improving athletic performance!

We'll cut to the chase...

We're very excited to introduce Posture Shirts by AlignMed, now available for trying on and for ordering through our clinic!

If you have any interest in seeing what it looks like or how it fits, we have a full range of sizes available for trying on at the clinic! We have mens and ladies versions, and a zip up and traditional t-shirt version for you to try. We really recommend you check for size before you order, and have one of our staff check the fit for you. (Even we have been surprised several times with the size that turns out fit best!)

Come on in anytime. No appointment required. :)

Looking forward to serving you soon,