Slipped on Ice? What to do?

Slipped on ice

It's officially winter...and I've already landed on my butt once. It was quite a relief that it was a backwards fall, bruising my butt and giving me a headache, because it spared my wrist...a slip on ice 3 years ago resulted in a fractured wrist ...and that I did not want again!

On our, so beautiful at this time of year, island, winter seems to mean a warming trend to rain followed by a cooling trend, and ICE. Besides avoiding the possibility of a slip and fall on ice, I wanted to remind you that the low intensity, Bioflex laser therapy, in addition to providing drug-free pain relief, speeds healing - a lot... the manual says 40% faster than a similar injury with ordinary treatment measures of rest, ice, elevation, compression and over-the counter pain and anti-inflammatory medications.

Whether you're dealing with severe bruising, sprains or strains, even fractures, from our clinical observations, we can confirm that laser therapy accelerates healing of acute injuries; sometimes I think we even surpass the 40% speed healing projections.

So, whether it's because you need to:

(1) get back to work or everyday activities fast,
(2) you need help with pain management,
(3) you avoid taking pills,
(4) you don't want your injury to leave marks or scars, we would like to remind you of the benefits of laser therapy.

I can't tell you how many laser treatments you will require, because it depends upon the tissues involved and mechanism of injury. While you're at the clinic, we recommend getting checked out by physio...we have noticed that even when healing is accelerated, poor joint mechanics may persist following tissue healing ...best to get that checked out, too.

If you, or someone you love, count among the many who will be laid up by a slip and fall on ice this year, check us out. We are always delighted to share info on the benefits of laser, as well as all the other services we provide at the clinic.
Just call 709-753-0155, e-mail: info@avalonlaserhealth.ca

Written by
Estelle Barry PT