How to NOT reach your goals in 2017

Goals in 2017

By the end of December every year, we are all-literally-counting down the seconds to the new year, with its promises of new beginnings and unlimited potential.

We promise ourselves that by this time next year we are going to be fitter, happier and more successful than ever.

Unrealistic Goals = Failure

Unfortunately, by the end of February we are usually back, fully immersed in our old habits and have long since shelved the lofty resolutions we made. Maybe we realised how unrealistic we were being, promising ourselves that we would work out five days a week when we have been professional couch surfers for the last 12 months.

By making promises to ourselves without an actionable plan that we can and will follow, we are ignoring the realities of our lives. We are setting ourselves up for failure when we don't have realistic ways to achieve our goals.

How Change Actually Happens

The only way to successfully reach your goals is by taking baby steps.
You have to start from the beginning.

Naturally, the beginning of your journey is not going to be as exciting as achieving your ultimate goal, so you have to build incentive and motivation into your new habits. You have to start with small, achievable goals. If you want to lose weight, a realistic goal might be to go for a walk a couple times a week, ramping up over time to set the habit. You'll find that once you start becoming more active, your body will crave it! You will want it more and more, and it will be easier make realistic goals and achieve them.

Change happens when we enjoy the process and we see little successes along the way.

Make Better Goals by Understanding Your Motivation

By understanding your own personal motivation to change, you can unlock the secrets to successful, lasting change in your life.

If you want to lose weight because you are self-conscious, you are being motivated by a lack of self-love. Increasing endorphins through exercise, treating your body well with nourishing food, and focusing on your mental well-being will all help you love yourself. A by-product of these activities could even be weight loss! When you focus on loving yourself fully, rather than trying to force yourself into diets and exercise you hate, you will find you enjoy the process so much more, and you will be 1000 times more likely to feel better about yourself and reach your goals.

Monitoring Success Is the Key to Lasting Change

Keep track of your little successes by journaling your activities with dates, duration, and how you felt. When you lack motivation, you can see how far you have come already.

Feeling powerful and capable because you have reached these more modest milestones will propel you to the ultimate goal you desire, without ever feeling like you can't do it.

Stay Inspired

You can do it.

Positive self reinforcement beats negative self talk in achieving anything, hands down.
Anything is achievable if we are smart (aka kind to ourselves) about it, and staying inspired is a good way to help you breeze by obstacles and setbacks.

One of the ways I stay inspired is writing a clear vision of what I want as if I already have it. My favorite tool for helping me do this is Mach II: With Your Hair on Fire: The Art of Vision & Self Motivation by Richard Bliss Brooke.

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Happy New Year!

Amanda Maynard
The Get Unstuck Coach