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Without Amanda's candid intuitive guidance, it would have taken me far longer to find the real me - it may have happened eventually, but frankly, I doubt it. I needed the coaching she could provide and am so happy to have been sent her way. Amanda can see clearly what we, ourselves, often cannot.

-Joan Dohey


Amanda Maynard
Amanda is a trained coach & intuitive healer. Bringing over 20 years experience to the clinic, she uses a very powerful and effective combination of her experience, training, and intuition to help people gain control of their life and mindset to manifest happiness on all fronts.


› Improve your relationships with the people you love.
› Take back control of your emotional, physical and spiritual health.
› Stop repeating the same self-destructive patterns that are sabotaging your health, relationships, and career.
› Find your passion if you are someone who wants to love what you do, and wants to make a life, not just a living.
› Find your purpose if you feel called to do something more than you are right now, but are not sure how and what.

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Amanda believes that everyone has the ability to live life vibrantly!

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