I suffered from bursitis for 3 years. I'm a very active and working 58 year old woman. I had gone to physio, massage and even acupuncture in those three years. Cut out some work and even some of my exercise programs that I have been doing for years. The worst that him me was my power walking and running: I couldn't do it at times at all. So much pain in my hip and front quad. So much frustration and stress! I tried a cortisone shot in March. It helped; but there was still a very painful know the size of my hand on my hip. I heard Avalon Laser being advertised and I decided to try. Went to an assessment and to laser. Within one day I was relieved. No knot or pain! Second day I actually ran again. Unbelievable! the best investment I have ever made! I have my poser and ego back! Thank you.

-M. C.


You’re not you if you’re dealing with tension headaches every day. You’re not you if you’re tired. Stressed. Or in pain.

It’s time to get back to you.

When a healing practice continues after thousands of years into today, it pays to take notice. Acupuncture, a traditional Chinese healing practice, is becoming more and more popular in western cultures. It is a drug-free method of relieving pain, nausea, and other ailments.


The Traditional Chinese Medical diagnosis follows four steps: wang (looking), wen(smelling), wen (asking), and qie (touching).

At Avalon Laser Health, an initial acupuncture consultation will include a case history which involves your medical history, information about your lifestyle, diet, sleep habits and digestion. The acupuncturist will ask you about your current condition, check your tongue and pulse, and then form an initial diagnosis. Based on that diagnosis, a program of treatment will be prescribed. Your acupuncturist will provide some guidelines for treatment and you will have an idea of how many treatments will be required to resolve your condition. Changes in diet and lifestyle may also be discussed.


› Acupuncture
› Laser acupuncture
› Zheng Gu Shui scraping
› Tui Na massage
› Electro-acupuncture
› Fire cupping
› The use of herbs and liniments (i.e. moxibustion and Zheng Gu Shui)


Women’s health conditions:
› Fibroids
› Menopausal symptoms
› Yeast infections
› Menstrual irregularities
› Infertility

Digestive disorders:
› Constipation, diarrhea
› Heartburn and indigestion
› Hiccups

Stress conditions:
› Anger management
› Depression
› Insomnia

Respiratory complaints:
› Common colds and flu
› Asthma
› Laryngitis
› Allergies

› Soft tissue injuries
› Headaches
› Fibromyalgia
› Arthritis

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture originated in China over five thousand years ago. It is based on the balanced flow of qi (pronounced “chee”) within the body. Qi is the vital life energy that exists within all living organisms.

Acupuncture theory suggests that qi circulates in the body along fourteen major energy pathways called meridians, each linked to specific internal organs and organ systems. Just as blood flows through veins in our bodies, energy flows through meridian systems.

When special needles are inserted into acupuncture points along the meridians, the needles stimulate the corresponding organs and organ systems to rebalance the flow of energy and consequently restore health.

A healthy body is in balance. When one experiences symptoms such as headaches or back pain, TCM looks for the basic root to find where the imbalance begins bring your body back to health.


Originally developed for patients with facial paralysis, cosmetic acupuncture is a safe, non-surgical way to reduce the signs of aging. It’s a rejuvenation process that treats both local and underlying conditions to promote anti-aging and beauty. Cosmetic acupuncture works by increasing the blood circulation and stimulating the production of collagen. The additional blood flow to the complexion nourishes, hydrates and oxygenates from the inside, out. An increase in collagen gives the complexion a firm, tight look.

Additionally, at Avalon Laser Health, your acupuncturist will work to balance the health of your whole body, by treating the underlying conditions. These conditions can be barriers to optimal health and beauty.

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