When it hurts when you move, your body is signaling a breakdown or injury in your muscles or joints. The fix is achieved by restoring normal function.

We are physiotherapists, members of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. We are regulated and in good standing with the NL College of Physiotherapists

You can find us in the Monastery Suites Hotel, where we are co-located with Monastery Health; and easily accessed by the residents of St John’s, Mount Pearl and the communities in Conception Bay South.

We believe in the power of a team. We work with massage therapy and acupuncture providers to improve insight into our clients’ pain conditions, to improve the overall treatment experience, and to achieve best outcomes.

We opened our clinic in 2009, with high hopes of improving our clients’ treatment outcomes. We had been observing that while many, many clients did really well with physio, a growing number were just not rebounding as expected. That trend persists, and is seen in all clinics. One measure of this trend is the number of clients who call for massage or acupuncture, but don’t want physio because ‘they tried it in the past and it didn’t work’; there are many other indicators. At the time, we were also feeling a general frustration with the “shake and bake” parts of physiotherapy practice; which referred to the heavy use of thermal and electrical modalities. We wanted to develop a better model of care for our clients. Coincidentally, we were introduced to the Bioflex low intensity laser system, developed by a Toronto company. It was a revolutionary modality for pain relief, even then with quite strong research support and the approval of Health Canada. It offered drug-free or drug-reduced pain relief; and it worked because it accelerated normal healing and stimulated delayed or stalled healing.

A recurring observation, also well documented in research reports then and increasingly as time passes, is the impact of poor posture and fitness on muscle and joint dysfunction and pain conditions. In essence, these factors have the power to delay healing; and cause persistent pain for too many of our clients.

These were some of our industry’s challenges all those years ago. Poor posture & alignment, slow to heal injuries and persistent or chronic pain are still factors which influence our practice today.

We regularly observe that, for those who need help healing injured tissues, laser therapy plus physiotherapy is a most effective treatment option. To rehab well, you must heal well!

Our Approach

Client Care

Our patients are at the centre of our treatment plans. Our treatment plans are unique to each patients’ individual needs. After an assessment to determine your areas of pain, your treatment goals, and your lifestyle, we develop a plan specific to you. With multiple disciplines offered in-house, your treatment plan may include: physiotherapy, laser therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, dental hygiene, a health coach, or a combination – whatever will get you the best result.

Best in Technology

Laser therapy is among the latest in non-pharmaceutical technological advances for pain management. As a modality of physiotherapy, it has been proven to deal with inflammation associated with pain, and help restore normal cellular function. Bioflex low intensity light lasers speed the healing process and offer a drug-free alternative to your pain.

Environmental Considerations

Many outside factors can exacerbate the pain you have in any one region, so we look at the whole picture to see what other physical and environmental considerations need to be addressed in your treatment plan. For example, stress, previous injuries, and poor posture can all affect or heighten your pain.

A Community-based Clinic

We appreciate and understand what our community has given us, and we strive to give back whenever we can. We take a multi-disciplinary approach to find your optimal treatment plan and offer education programs and workshops to the community at large.

Online Virtual Care Therapy

Our online or virtual treatment services will include physiotherapy and laser therapy, one or both, as makes sense to your requirements. We also offer nurse practitioner services, for those without family doctors or who would just like to consult with a nurse practitioner.

The First Clinic to Bring BioFlex Lasers to St. John’s

We are proud to be the first clinic in the city to offer Bioflex low intensity laser therapy to our clients. With ten years of experience using Bioflex laser systems, we provide drug-free pain relief for a variety of conditions.

Low intensity laser therapy (LILT) is the use of red and infrared light to activate and enhance the body’s natural healing process. It is a key therapy used in conjunction with other healing methods recommended by our practitioners.

The finely calibrated light source is placed in contact with the skin, allowing the light to penetrate tissue. Your cells transform the light energy into biochemical energy which helps restore normal cellular function. This means faster healing from pain and drug free treatment!

When incorporated into your comprehensive treatment plan, laser technology stimulates immune function, improves quality of sleep, and provides drug-free pain relief. Recent advances and research into light therapy has found it offers treatment for; neck pain, plantar fasciitis, low back pain, concussions, fertility, and trauma, amongst many more ailments.

Lasers: The Secret To Pain Relief

Word about our lasers spread quickly. With the documented ability to accelerate normal healing times, jumpstart a stalled healing process, and provide drug-free pain relief, we started attracting attention from local health professionals. The clinic has since grown to incorporate several professions and therapies.

Now, we strive to offer the most effective treatment measures to support both pain relief and wellness throughout all stages of life.

For further information on the conditions we treat and services we offer, or to book an appointment please call 709-753-0155, email: info@avalonlaserhealth.ca

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Meet the team

Headshot of Estelle Barry

Estelle Barry

Owner and Head Physiotherapist

Under Estelle’s tutelage, the focus of care is multidisciplinary, with interclinic referrals to the practitioners most able to help.

Estelle Barry, MClSc(PT) is a senior physiotherapist with extensive experience in private practice. She holds advanced certifications in posture analysis and correction strategies; and is passionate about the fundamental role posture dysfunction plays in most muscle and joint pain presentations. She uses low intensity laser to ensure injuries are well healed and to facilitate good treatment results. Her early military experience taught her the value of teamwork and she appreciates the insight and better outcomes team care provides her clients.

Headshot of Lauren Humby

Lauren Humby


Lauren Humby received her Masters of Physiotherapy from Dalhousie University in 2023, preceded by a Bachelor of Kinesiology from Acadia in 2018. Her career choices reflect a personal commitment to physical performance. She was an elite rugby athlete while at Acadia university, winning rookie of the year in 2014 and playing an instrumental role in Acadia’s AUS championship win in 2015. Kinesiology involved the study of normal human movement and was preparation for Physiotherapy, which adapts movement principles to those with injuries, poor health and disease.

Lauren has personal experience of injury and its impact on lifestyle and life-plans; and brings empathy to her interaction with all her clients. She has worked with athletes, clients with chronic pain conditions, with balance impairments and others. She is passionate about developing functional exercise programs that suit her clients’ abilities and will meet their activity goals. She is holistic by inclination, open to exploring best treatment options for her clients and contributing to team care plans. She supports an inclusive society and provides a safe treatment space for patients and members of marginalized communities, such as the 2SLGBTQIA populations.

Lauren is happy to be home to renew old friendships and make new ones. She enjoys hiking and camping with her rescue dog, Freckles. Her personal movement goal is to complete the East Coast Trail, for which she is acquiring new movement skills - bouldering and rock climbing! Her professional goal is to never stop learning about all things movement, whether it’s new sports to try or new ways to adapt to improve access for all.

Lauren Humby is a physiotherapist just beginning her career, and we are so pleased to have her join our Avalon Laser team. We love the depth of her commitment to physical performance, which shines through in all aspects of her life, but especially in her compassion for and care of her clients.

Headshot of Ching-Hsin (Kelly) Hsu, Acupuncture Therapist

Ching-Hsin (Kelly) Hsu

Acupuncture Therapist

Ching-Hsin (Kelly) Hsu graduated from China Medical University (Taichung City, Taiwan) in 2019 with a degree in the Traditional Medicine Program. This seven year program provided extensive training in both Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture, consolidated during internship in Taipei City Hospital, volunteer work in remote areas and most recently in private practice in Taiwan.

For clients with muscle and joint injuries and pain conditions, acupuncture provides another dimension to care, both of diagnosis and of benefit. Acupuncture restores and rebalances energy channels within the body and relieves pain. It complements the biomodulation effect of laser (which increases the availability of ATP to injured cells), the hands-on techniques of massage therapists and the muscle rehab efforts of physiotherapy. Such collaborative care is of particular benefit to clients with slow to heal or chronic pain conditions, such as frozen shoulder, sciatica, post-stroke care and those with long Covid issues, etc.

Within the Traditional Medicine Program, there was much focus on the management of life-style diseases, those medical disorders thought to be produced by or exacerbated by aspects of a person’s lifestyle, such as diet, work environment or physical activity. Anxiety, allergies, arthritis, tinnitus and hearing loss, GERD, irritable bowel syndrome, menstrual disorders, and incontinence are but a few of the common conditions that benefit from traditional acupuncture. There are many other conditions for which TCM and acupuncture provide treatment options and benefits.

Kelly is a member in good standing of both The College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Newfoundland and Labrador (CTCMPANL) and of the Newfoundland and Labrador Council of Health Professionals (NLCHP).

Headshot of Jade Lee

Jade Lee

Laser Technician

Jade was born and grew up in Seoul, South Korea and moved to St. John’s in 2013. She studied physical education in South Korea and participated in many activities: vice president of the student association in the physical education department, a member of the tennis club, and volunteering in community recreation.

Jade also assisted an anatomy and sports physiology instructor during her second year since she was fascinated with sports medicine. Jade was a sprinter for seven years and worked in elementary school as a track and field coach while she was in the university. She worked as a personal trainer and taught PE in kindergarten for many years.

Over the years Jade suffered from many injuries as a result of motor vehicle accidents and sports activities as well as TMJ and low back issues. These injuries made it difficult to continue to work in the field of sports medicine. After moving to St. John’s Jade worked in early childhood education for 5 years. The physically demanding nature of the job affected her injuries and they flared up again. So she began looking for a solution and that’s when she met our lead Physiotherapist Estelle. Jade was impressed by both laser therapy and body alignment treatment. She also was inspired by Estelle and found her passion for sports medicine still existed after 20 years. Jade decided to go back to school, and she is currently studying kinesiology at Memorial University.

Jade has completed a laser technician certification course in 2019 and is working as a laser technician in our clinic. Her education and her personal experiences provide her with the tools to help her clients overcome their pain. She plans to complete certification to become a posture alignment specialist and advanced laser courses.

Headshot of Brenda Madden

Brenda Madden

Massage Therapist

Brenda Madden graduated with a Bachelor of Kinesiology from Memorial University in 2003; and a Diploma in Massage Therapy from Northumberland College in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2005. Over 18 years of practice, Brenda has constantly sought to expand and consolidate her skills in order to tailor her massage treatments to best address individual client’s needs. In her pursuit of providing superior care, she had completed coursework in pregnancy massage, acupressure, soft tissue release therapy, myofascial release therapy, athletic therapy, cupping & facial cupping and so many more.

She has a particular interest in mental health issues. She has completed coursework in mental health first aid and Somatic Psychotherapeutic Massage. This therapy addresses the connection between mental stressors and physical pain. It is particularly effective following injury, such as motor vehicle accidents or trauma in any environment.

Brenda’s experience and special skills complement the inclusive and collaborative vibe that we nurture at Avalon Laser Health Physiotherapy and Wellness.

JIn her spare time, Brenda enjoys working on numerous types of fiber arts (knitting, crocheting, sewing, etc) as well as spending time with her husband, kids and giant goofball dog.

Headshot of Cathy Cull

Cathy Cull

Massage Therapist

Miss Cathy Cull is a massage therapist, certified laser therapist and registered naturotherapist, practicing in St John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador since 2013. She has a curious and keen mind and has continued to accumulate knowledge and skills since graduation, to the benefit of her clients and colleagues.

She is accomplished in a wide range of manual therapies in addition to basic massage techniques, including Reflexology and Reiki, and more. She combines these skills to best advantage, depending upon her clients’ needs. She is passionate about helping her clients, and will always seek their best care options, even when this means referral beyond massage.

Her caring nature extends to her work family. She is always happy to help out colleagues and to collaborate on client treatment plans. Cathy’s uplifting spirit and sense of humor, combined with her excellent clinical skills makes her a sought after therapist and a wonderful addition to our ALH team.

Headshot of Vani Katna

Vani Katna

Manager of Administrative Services

With over 12 years of administrative experience in a clinic setting Vani skillfully manages administrative duties and client relations for the therapists at Avalon Laser Health Physiotherapy and Wellness. As an Office Manager she ensures the smooth operation of the clinic’s day to day operations, and manages the front desk staff to work in an efficient manner that benefits the clients. She assists the therapists in their Multi disciplinary approach by ensuring smooth clinic operations on all fronts.

Her excellent interpersonal skills help her interact and communicate with third party individuals as an advocate for our clients. She is committed to working closely with the therapists to make sure clients have a well-rounded experience and receive the care they deserve.

As a wife and mother of two teenagers she is no stranger to multitasking and keeping things organised at work or at home.

For further information on the conditions we treat and services we offer, or to book an appointment please call 709-753-0155, email: info@avalonlaserhealth.ca

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