Health Coach

Improving health and achieving lasting happiness starts with setting realistic goals. Our Health Coach uses techniques to connect with our clients’ basic needs, health challenges, passions and schedule.

An appointment with our health coach will involve:

  • Discussion of your goals.
  • An extensive review of your medical and lifestyle history.
  • Discussion of your risk factors for chronic disease.
  • Discussion of your basic needs, mindset, intentions on improving health, recommendations/protocols in place by your health care team, schedule, etc.

This will help you create realistic goals so you can make better lifestyle choices, maintain healthy relationships (with food, yourself, others), reduce your pain and risk of chronic disease, and learn to THRIVE instead of Survive.

Discovery Session: this is a 30 minute appointment to determine if you are ready to take control of your health, and if I am the support you need to help you reach success.

Initial Assessment: completed by our dental hygienist- since the mouth is usually a missing link to overall health care needs and risk factors for disease, I require a thorough oral health exam in order to serve you better.

Coaching Session: We will create realistic goals together, and I will help you make small steps towards a life of happiness and health. This could involve the use of techniques, protocols or record keeping in nutrition, stress relief, time management, mindset, personal care products review, or more.*This is not intended to be a lose weight quick approach or eat less-exercise more paradigm. I do not focus on restriction, but lifestyle changes that can bring happiness and lead to better mental and physical health outcomes.

Health Coaching Rates

Discovery SessionFree
Initial Assessment$140.39 tax included
Coaching Sessions:
45 minutes
6 session bundle
12 session bundle

$86.25 tax included
$500.00 tax included
$950.00 tax included

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