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Posture Program

Posture reflects the ability of our body to be upright against the constant pull of gravity. Our ability to manage gravity is as fundamental to health as is oxygen and water. With posture collapse, we can experience joint stiffness, pain and degeneration; lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and poor bladder control; depression; poor confidence and
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Massage Therapy Clinic St. John’s

At Avalon Laser Health, our therapists offer general Swedish massage therapy, deep tissue massage, perinatal massage, sports massage, and trigger point massage therapy.  This direct, hands-on treatment has a therapeutic effect on the neuromuscular, circulatory and hormonal systems of the body. Key results of massage therapy: Promote relaxation and release of stress Relieve pain Improve
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BioFlex Laser Therapy

BioFlex low intensity laser therapy is an electrical modality, useful in the treatment of many pain, injury and surgery conditions.  Although it is sometimes used as a stand-alone therapy, it also enhances a more comprehensive treatment program, such as physiotherapy.We use laser therapy for the following reasons It accelerates healing, commonly reported to be 40%
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Acupuncture St. John’s

The insertion of special acupuncture needles into acupuncture points on the body stimulates the corresponding flow of Qi to rebalance the flow of energy throughout the body and restore health.  Research indicates that it restores balance to both nervous and hormonal systems in the body. Traditional Chinese Medicine: (TCM) is the traditional medical approach that
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Physiotherapy Clinic St. John’s

Physiotherapy combines a knowledge of how the body works with specialized knowledge of muscles and joints and the neurology that supports movement.   Our skilled physiotherapists treat clients suffering from many types of problems, including sports injuries, running injuries, low back pain, whiplash, headaches, strains and sprains as well as post-op rehabilitation.  Many fitness specialists have
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