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Posture Program

Posture reflects the ability of our body to be upright against the constant pull of gravity. Our ability to manage gravity is as fundamental to health as is oxygen and water. With posture collapse, we can experience joint stiffness, pain and degeneration; lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and poor bladder control; depression; poor confidence and poor memory, etc.  The greater the posture collapse, the greater the risk for any or all of the forementioned.

Posture Program St. John's Physiotherapy

Within a physiotherapy context, so many of the injuries and pain complaints our clients present with are  complicated by underlying poor posture.  And so very often, our clients have accepted their slump/poor posture as a factor of age or occupation; sometimes even genetics.  This general trend is made much worse by the computer age in which we live.  When tech neck or forward head posture is more frequently seen than normal head position, it is hard to appreciate poor posture for the significant threat it is to good health.

Yet, it is true…poor posture causes or complicates a great number of the injuries and pain conditions that we see. For this reason, it is a fundamental consideration in every physiotherapy treatment plan.


Posture Picture

By request, through reception or the link on our website, clients can submit a picture for digital postural analysis. It can be used for self-education or it can be used as part of the posture scan and program set-up that is required to access a program. Posture Picture only …. No charge

Posture Programs

Posture exercises, Core Basics, Core Complete, Foot Balance and Function, at Work Computer Program.
10 sessions are to be completed within 6 weeks; the short completion time is designed to provide the supervision frequency needed to effect change.  Supervision is in small group format.

Posture scan & program set-up     $55 + HST
Package of 10 sessions    $160 + HST  

Posture Taping

This optional treatment is designed to teach the sensation of correct posture and provide support through everyday activities.

Posture taping    $20 + HST


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