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Fall Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries Physiotherapy Treatments St. John's

Children and adults tend to suffer more sports injuries in the fall. The return to school sports is a big factor, but there are other contributors too. The good thing is there are measures you can take to avoid concussions, shin splints, and ACL tears this fall.

Food and Water

Summer sports are inherently hot and sweaty, so remembering to stay hydrated is a no-brainer. Cooler weather sports allow us to cool down more easily, however it is still important to take regular drink breaks. Supporting this with frequent healthy meals maintains your energy levels, avoiding fatigue that can lead to injuries.

Warm up

We get it – warming up and cooling down isn’t exactly the most riveting part of participating in sports. However, it is very, very important to the whole process and reduces your risk of injury.

Keep Up Your Strength

Strength training off the field can significantly reduce your chance of getting hurt, and also improve your on-the-field abilities. If you do get hurt, regular strength training can decrease your recovery time

See the Your Physiotherapist

Before getting back into any sport, it’s important to have a visit with your physiotherapist and tell them about your plans for physical activity. A physiotherapist is the health provider best trained to assess muscle and joint function, as well as provide a remedial plan, even when you don’t have pain.


Well-maintained equipment can make a major difference when it comes to safety. Hand-me-downs are a-okay for shorts, but not so much for helmets.

Most importantly, use common sense when it comes to fall sports. Accidents do happen and not every injury can be foreseen or prevented. If this happens, be sure to reach out to Avalon Laser Health for a free 15-minute consult to determine your best course of treatment.


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