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Laser + Physiotherapy: Treating a Torn Achilles Tendon

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Avalon Laser Health client, RG, is a fit and active retiree who enjoys golf, hiking, and just about any other activity he can fit into his schedule!

As we age, it becomes easier to injure ourselves when taking part in physical activity, but that doesn’t mean we should stop doing the things we love. What it does mean is we may have to do more “upkeep” on our bodies to maintain our overall health. For RG, this means doing physio exercises at our clinic to correct pelvic and leg misalignments, caused by an abundance of activity with an aging body. It also means using laser to speed-heal.

Towards the end of 2018, RG began to notice pain in the area of his Achilles, which worsened as time passed. He came to the clinic in early May for a physio assessment, and we noticed that he had what looked like a divot along the Achilles tendon that was painful to touch. We determined he had an Achilles tear – a very difficult and slow to heal condition. Over the course of 3 ½ months, he has had 17 laser sessions for the Achilles tear, in addition to physiotherapy. 

During a trip to Europe in late May, he needed a wheelchair escort through the airports. Now, he has returned to most activities, including golf twice a week, and says he can feel improvement after each laser treatment. He will continue to have occasional laser treatments until he returns to a steady diet of golf in Florida.

Laser therapy is often that extra piece of support that, when combined with your physio, gets you back to doing what you love faster. Mild to moderate Achilles tears, plantar fasciitis, the inflammation around heel spurs, and arthritic joints of the feet all respond really well to laser therapy. Get in touch with us today to find out how laser therapy can support your physiotherapy, so you can get back to being you a lot sooner.


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