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Laser Therapy and Nerve Damage

nerve damage laser therapy St. John's

We talk a lot about Bioflex Laser Therapy and its many benefits. For many conditions, laser therapy can help speed your healing process through nerve damage repair. But what does all that mean?

Having a nerve injury can mean several things, including effects on motor nerves that enable movement, and sensory nerves which allow us to feel touch and pain.

There are three main categories of nerve injury

  • Stretch: when a nerve’s limit is exceeded, it can tear apart and cause mild to severe nerve damage;
  • Crush: crush injuries occur from an acute traumatic compression of the nerve from a blunt object that does not result in a complete cut of the nerve;
  • Partial to complete disruption: this is a more severe nerve injury that can have life-lasting effects even when treated.

Bioflex Laser accelerates recovery from nerve injury, especially stretched and crushed injury, by improving cell metabolism, clearing out injured and dead cells, reducing scar formation and increasing the development of new nerve cells. It also provides pain relief when it is absorbed by the nerves which transmit pain, providing relief for an average 48 hours at a time. This is particularly beneficial for those who can’t tolerate, or prefer not to take, prescription pain medication.

While not every nerve problem can be helped with laser therapy, many can. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, sciatica, and even diabetic neuropathy are just a few examples of conditions laser therapy can aid. If you’re suffering from mild to moderate nerve damage, give us a call to see if Bioflex Laser Therapy can help speed your healing.


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