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Road (Rash) to Recovery


One of our clients here at Avalon Laser Health is a busy mom who wanted to enjoy what was left of warm summer evenings before her kids headed back off to school. On one such beautiful, calm evening, she suffered a fall that resulted in a major skin abrasion – or as it is more commonly known, road rash. Beyond being very painful, it is also a slow to heal type of wound. Two weeks following her accident she was still picking debris out of her abraded skin.

She became worried about how slowly her skin was healing by that point, and with the likelihood of scarring, was thinking she may never wear a skirt again. Luckily, her worries were eased when a friend told her about low intensity laser therapy. When she heard about the “speed healing” aspect, as well as the potential to reduce scarring, she was ready to jump on board – and the rest is history.

So far, she has had five laser treatments over three weeks, and the results are fantastic. She is so happy with the progress and continues to show up for her appointments eager to continue laser treatments to minimize the scarring from her wound. By sticking to the plan for another three-four weeks, we will see the best possible results for our client. For now, take a look at the before and after pics up to this point.

Do you have a skin abrasion that’s leaving you feeling self-conscious? Get in touch with us today to learn about low intensity laser therapy and what it can do for you.


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