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Ankle sprains always heal, right

Foot Pain Physiotherapy

There’s not much mystery about ankle sprains, as many, many people have personal experience with the injury. There are two ligament systems which bind the lower leg to the foot and one system which binds the lower leg bones together, just above the ankle joint. Ligament injuries can range from overstretch to tearing of some of the ligament fibers, to complete rupture. Time to recovery generally varies with amount of tearing; and can be delayed by injury to additional structures, such as muscle or bone. It can be further delayed by pre-injury mechanical factors, such as flat feet; and too much or too little weight-bearing during recovery. Although the severity of some injury presentations may require a period of non-weight bearing during recovery, most sprains will benefit from partial or full weight-bearing. This can be accomplished through compression bandage, air cast, or walking cast etc.

Laser provides a range of benefits, including speeding the resolution of inflammation, pain relief, reduction of swelling and replacing damaged ligament tissue with strong and well aligned ligamentous tissue which resists development of adhesions and re-injury. Adding laser to a treatment plan for ankle sprains speeds recovery by an average of 40%.

Besides strength and flexibility, the other really important consideration for rehab following ankle sprain is the key role that ankle sensory receptors play in proprioception (knowing where your feet are when you can’t see them), and balance. Ankle sprains may always heal, but not always well. Ankle sprains left to recover on their own do not always restore these sensory receptors, and can easily be subject to recurrent injury and falling.

Our collaborative team of physiotherapists, massage therapists, kinesiologists and laser technicians work together to see you through all phases of recovery after sprain injuries. Additionally, if it is considered to be of benefit to you, we will facilitate nursing and/or acupuncture consults.

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