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Extended Therapy Program for Chronic Pain Conditions

This program is designed for clients in the St John’s area and in rural communities in Newfoundland and Labrador, who will have need of therapy for a prolonged period, or on an on-going basis. It is flexible with respect to the therapies included; where care is provided: in-clinic, at-home and virtual care, any or all; and it is always organized to make the most of available financial resources. It’s where our collaborative approach really shines!


The pain categories are very different, and may stem from a wide range of injuries and diseases, although most involve arthritic and or neurological components. A difficult aspect of pain, especially within a physical rehab treatment plan, is that which also involves elements of emotional brain sensitization. We view such clients as having a complicated pain presentation; and many will need psychological or advanced medical support, beyond what we can offer within the clinic. That said, when delayed or poor quality healing of injured tissue is a trigger for chronic pain, we have much to offer.


For many of these conditions, on-going decline is expected; and this is the case with most arthritic and other degenerative conditions. For conditions which involve slow to repair peripheral nerve injuries (some of which can take up to 2 years), slow recovery is expected. Such injuries are often seen post trauma, following a motor vehicle, serious occupational, sports injury and trauma which results in concussion. Whether a slow decline or slow improvement is expected, there is a requirement for care over time; and we can help with your chronic pain.


We dig into our physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, nurse practitioner and laser therapy skill sets to provide the care you need. Whenever muscle function is impaired, a care plan will include positioning, massaging, and exercising – within your abilities. Use it or lose it….These activities may be very gentle, but they have to be included whenever muscle function is impaired. Some of our clients don’t have easy access to physician support. For these clients, and for anyone who would like to consult with a nurse practitioner, we are pleased to be able to offer such a wonderful resource. If we can identify delayed or incomplete healing, or chronic inflammation as a factor in your chronic pain, we will offer Bioflex laser therapy. This modality stimulates healing, addresses chronic inflammation, inhibits the degenerative process and relieves pain. It is a powerful part of the care we can provide.


Your care within our clinic starts with a physiotherapy or nurse practitioner assessment. This establishes baseline function measures and education with respect to functional expectations and the role of prospective team collaborators. The decision regarding team make-up is made with our client. Sometimes, clients have trusted care providers in other clinics; and we are pleased to share our plan with them. In order to derive the maximal benefit from collaboration, we recommend that the bulk of your care occurs within our clinic, where it is possible for us to manage scheduling and the consumption of available finances.

If you would like more information about the care we can provide, please browse our blog articles to see the conditions we treat and the care we offer.  Call 709-753-0155 for more info or email info@avalonlaserhealth.ca


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