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He Shoots, He Scores (a sore muscle)!

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There’s a reason hockey players are stereotyped with missing teeth – because it’s a rough, hard hitting sport. Losing teeth is just one of the many physical issues that come with playing hockey. Players of different sizes are constantly running into one another, or the boards, or the ice – realistically, you’re at risk of injury at any point during a game. 

Groin and hip flexor strains, hyperextension, shoulder separations, ligament sprains, fractures, and lower back pain are all common when it comes to playing hockey – even if it’s just for pleasure. Preventive measures such as pre-game stretching and working with a physiotherapist can help you prevent injuries in the first place. When an injury does occur, physiotherapists can help you heal by using bio flex low-intensity laser to accelerate healing, and by avoiding unnecessary trauma associated with stress on healing tissue.

Check out these common injuries and how Avalon Laser Health can support your healing journey.

Muscle pulls
It’s easy to pull a muscle in almost any type of activity. What is important to assess however is the extent of the injury. Some pulled muscles can cause some pain, while others can leave a body part immobile for a period of time. A physiotherapist will know how serious your injury is, and which types of stretches, exercises, or other treatments will work best.

Ankle sprains
When the ankle is sprained, swelling is often rapid and large. For this reason, controlling the swelling is the first focus of treatment. At Avalon Laser Health, we support standard measures with bioflex laser to accelerate this healing. As pain and swelling reduce, flexibility, balance, and strength exercises are introduced. The concept of proprioception – the sense of position which allows you to always know where your foot is in space – is very important in injuries like this. Failure to restore this sense is associated with repeat injury.

Hip problems
The position a hockey player takes while skating is crouched for the most part. This can lead to issues with the hips, and back pain. At Avalon Laser Health, we offer sport injury specific massage therapy so you know you’re getting the exact treatment you need. This works by  stimulating mechanical responses in the muscle tissue, which are physical effects that occur in the body when pressure is applied to the soft tissues. Massage Therapy is also great for relaxation and de-stressing after a long day of physical activity.

Hockey, like any sport, requires frequent strengthening exercises to reduce the risk of injury. Building the smaller core and stabilizing muscles can support larger muscles and joints to avoid the likelihood and the extent of injury. Avalon Laser Health is fully equipped to help you heal from a hockey injury, as  our experienced therapists know exactly what your muscles need for proper healing and a successful return to your game condition.
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