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What our Clients Say

I have nothing but great things to say about the service and staff with Avalon Laser Health. This is my second time visiting them for two different injuries. Their knowledgeable staff quickly assessed the injury and created a plan that was not only effective but timely. Scheduling is never an issue and their support with financial plans really helps with any financial stress. I would highly recommend this service.
Scott Barron
Having been to the Avalon Laser Clinic many times for a variety of issues I can say that they are amazing. My arthritic fingers are pain free .... at least for the past year; the torn nailbed on my middle finger has healed so well it is not noticeable; my fall down the stairs has almost healed perfectly over the past month and my long term issue due to a surgery induced disability has healed to the point that my life is normal - as normal as possible for me. The Clinic and its practitioners have all been wonderful. I highly recommend their expertise.
Ann Marie Barry
Great team! Very helpful! They were patient and caring! I definitely recommend!
Amélie Bolduc
I had neck and back difficulties for years. A combination of laser and physiotherapy brought back range of motion and allows me to do the extended periods of sitting required for work
Alex Collins

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