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Trauma Program

Treatment for MVA (Motor Vehicle Accidents) Sports Injuries and General Accidents

What ties these injuries together is the nature of the injury, and the surety of damaged tissues – of any type. Within the category of MVA injuries, WAD and non-WAD injuries (Read our blog article for more info) can vary immensely in location(s) and severity. The same is true for sports and general accident injuries; they run the gamut from minor to very severe.

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With any trauma, the first priority is to ensure tissue healing, while protecting, correcting and allowing movement throughout all the stages of healing. The overall goal of treatment is to restore pre-injury function, or best possible if pre-injury function is unattainable.

For all but the most minor of injuries, we recommend a collaborative treatment plan; both for more extensive treatments and a coordination / rationalization of insured benefits; but also for the greater insight into the nature of the injury and treatment options. At our clinic,  this may include any or all of physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture and laser therapy. The family doctor is always an external team member.

The road to recovery at our clinic is determined by our clients’ needs. The following presents a blueprint of what to expect.
  • Opening lines of communications: Family doctors or referring clinicians, family members (if necessary) and insurer representatives will be contacted. If there are specific charting or other logistical processes requested, these will be identified at this time.

  • Physiotherapy assessment: During this assessment, the priority is to determine extent and severity of injuries, educate and initiate a treatment plan.
    If the injury is minor, education, graduated exercise, RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) and occasional re-assessment throughout the expected healing time frame may be all the intervention that is required. Follow-up treatments for minor injuries may include any or all of exercise prescription, manual therapy or modalities; and average 2 to 6 in number, over 4 to 6 weeks. 

    Sometimes, first contact within our clinic is with massage therapy or acupuncture. If recovery occurs on target, that may be all the care a client will need; and they should expect an average of 2 to 6 treatment sessions over a four week period. If recovery is slow, their therapist will recommend a collaborative treatment plan,  initiated with a physiotherapy assessment. 

    If the injury is more extensive on assessment, or if a minor injury fails to recover as expected, a collaborative treatment plan is recommended.

  • A collaborative plan may include massage therapy, acupuncture and/or laser therapy, as well as physiotherapy. It will also include the family doctor or referring physician. Our client will be educated regarding the merits of these therapies, and will have the final say in the composition of the collaborative team. 

    If the need for the collaborative plan is determined to be driven by slow recovery or delayed healing, every effort will be made to determine the associated factors. Our collaborative team can offer treatment strategies for many of these factors, but medical, psychological and pharmacological issues are beyond our scope of practice; and if suspected, will be referred to the family doctor or referring physician. The collaborative treatment plan will be defined, and initiated after all involved providers have assessed our trauma client. 

    The frequency of visits and duration of treatment will be established following the first collaborative planning meeting; and can’t be estimated. Most frequently, the frequency and duration will relate to treatment periods between re-assessments.

  • Report writing and privacy policies will respect professional guidelines.
  • Costs of treatment adhere to standard rates, and are posted on the website.

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