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The Posture Pain Connection

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Posture collapse is a relatively new phenomenon, and brings with it health concerns not really known to earlier generations…in today’s world we see it in the increase in pain conditions affecting the spine, repetitive strain injuries, degenerative joint conditions; in life-style conditions such as diabetes, hypertension; and stress and anxiety related conditions; and other threats to health, as well.

How do you think our friend in the picture is going to feel in a few years time? I’m willing to bet –  Stiff, sore, and old before his time.  I see that pose way too often! …also way too often, if I comment on the positioning, I’m told it’s hereditary – the poor soul looks just like his father! There’s really no way to chart a pain-free future until you can appreciate just how significant posture is to health, especially health over time.

We take posture collapse really, really seriously because it directly causes so much of the pain that brings clients to our clinic; or it complicates recovery after trauma. The basic issue is that when normal spinal curves are strained by long periods in one position, the muscles, ligaments but most importantly the nerves become over-stretched, or compressed and sustain damage. The nerves are the most sensitive of tissues for two reasons. Changes to nerve function cause  changes to muscle memory which means it becomes difficult to replicate the track of normal movement; and resulting in greater tissue damage. Secondly, really sustained strain on nerves will eventually cause the death of the involved nerve cells; and that results in function changes you can’t recover.

In recent decades, the profound increase in the incidence of posture collapse is attributable largely to advances in digital technology. And with these advances, new ‘diseases’ are emerging. Perhaps the most insidious, and potentially disabling is Digital Dementia.  

It preferentially affects the youth of  society, both because they often have so much exposure to handhelds and laptops; and because the affected tissues haven’t yet otherwise crashed into a clear ‘itis’ or pain condition. 

At ALH, a posture evaluation is an important part of every physiotherapy assessment.

If your posture collapse has created a pain condition, we may recommend low intensity laser to manage pain and accelerate healing, but the most important part of treatment is re-education of lost movement patterns and strengthening to prevent future collapse.

We appreciate that it may feel a little weird to seek help before you experience pain. We offer a complimentary posture analysis, so that you can check out your own risk for posture collapse.  If you’re among the self-motivating elite, we’d be pleased to follow-up the digital posture pic with a full assessment and a preventative program of exercise. In either event, we can certainly help.

It’s the self-knowledge that’s most important though…and the knowledge of where to come for help when your posture collapse progresses to pain.

To receive a complimentary posture analysis, email us at info@avalonlaserhealth.ca.


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