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Physiotherapy Clinic St. John’s

Physiotherapy combines a knowledge of how the body works with specialized knowledge of muscles and joints and the neurology that supports movement.   Our skilled physiotherapists treat clients suffering from many types of problems, including sports injuries, running injuries, low back pain, whiplash, headaches, strains and sprains as well as post-op rehabilitation. 

Physiotherapy St. John's Avalon Laser Health

Many fitness specialists have knowledge of normal movement, but a physiotherapist is trained to apply movement and fitness principles when your body is compromised by pain, associated injury, disability and poor posture.

Physiotherapy education and training provides the hands-on skills to assess, diagnose and treat illness, injury or disability relating to the muscle and skeletal systems.  Our goal for all clients is to develop and implement a treatment plan that will meet individual client goals. Towards this end, physiotherapy objectives include:

  • Pain relief and/or best management of chronic pain
  • Educate regarding significance of injury to health, expectations for recovery and maintenance strategies that long term recovery
  • Restoration of alignment of injured or painful areas, within an overall normal posture presentation
  • Developing and monitoring exercise programs to mobilize and strengthen afflicted muscles and joints
  • Cross-referring when needed to achieve best treatment results
  • Implementing maintenance and follow-up strategies to prevent re-injury


What to Expect

At Avalon Laser Health, your first physiotherapy session is an assessment that will consider your health history, previous therapy and a clinical assessment of your injury. The assessment will take  40 to 60 minutes. Following the assessment, a treatment plan will be made, which will take into account your personal goals and any challenges you have with access to treatment.

Treatment sessions with your physiotherapist are always private.  If you’ve chosen to receive Bioflex laser therapy as well, those treatments are conducted in a semi-private room. These treatments vary in length, depending upon area(s) of treatment; generally 30 to 60 minutes.

We are also offering Online Virtual Care Physiotherapy to clients who are unable to visit the clinic.  Click here to learn more! 


Physiotherapy Rates

Initial Physiotherapy Assessment $85
Physiotherapy Treatment $75
Physiotherapy Laser Treatment $95

*Assessment required prior to attending Laser treatment


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