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Work Related Injuries

Work Related Injuries: Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy and Laser Therapy for WHSCC, RCMP, CF and VAC 

From our downtown St John’s location, we are also easily accessed by nearby Waterford Bridge Rd, Galway & Mount Pearl; with the communities of Conception Bay South just beyond. 


The most commonly documented work injuries across multiple Google sites are:

  • slip and fall injuries, other trauma
  • motor vehicle injuries, including driver injuries associated with prolonged driving,
  • over-exertion injuries, such as lifting heavy or awkward objects, and 
  • repetitive strain injuries, e.g. keyboarding. 

Work related injuries can occur in all work environments, and they look like other injuries commonly seen in a physiotherapy clinic. They present as sprain and strain injuries; whiplash injuries, and concussion; and tendonitis, bursitis, neuritis, etc. They differ from injuries sustained outside the workplace, only in that employers assume financial support for subsequent care, and work through their respective administrators to manage all aspects of accessing care and the details of return to work.


In Newfoundland and Labrador, work related injuries which occur in provincially regulated work sites are managed through WHSCC. The goal of all WHSCC treatment plans is to return to work as quickly as it is safe to resume work activities. To ensure quick access to care, injured workers can seek a physiotherapy assessment before formalizing WHSCC approval. Because timely return to work (or stay at work) is the goal of treatment, physiotherapy treatment, in any clinic you choose, is very similar. It is focused on achieving best muscle function through graded exercise, and morphing into conditioning exercises for your work demands.


Serving and veteran members of Canadian Forces and RCMP have insured benefits for injuries sustained on duty, if they have been approved as service injuries by their respective medical systems. These benefits for care are administered for the federal government by Medavie Blue Cross.  As a registered provider, we provide physiotherapy, massage therapy and acupuncture to clients and members of VAC, RCMP and CAF, and bill directly to Medavie BC for these services.


How is our Care Different?

We include laser therapy in a physio treatment plan when the injured site is extensive, persistently inflamed or otherwise slow to heal. We use  Bioflex Laser Therapy.

When low intensity laser is added to a traditional physiotherapy treatment plan: natural healing is stimulated, there is less pain and recovery is accelerated.  For veterans with  old, persistent or recurring injuries, results are still good, providing significant pain relief and improved mobility. We use the Bioflex laser system, which requires at least 30 minutes of application time per session.

For your convenience,  you’ll find attached links to your benefit administrators.  Our location coordinates are:

63 Patrick St, St John’s,   A1E 2S5

Medavie Blue Cross


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