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Speed Healing: Bioflex Laser Therapy

Treatments for Pain Bioflex Laser Therapy

Warning: Article contains some graphic details of a hand injury

One of the best things about Low Intensity Laser Therapy treatment is what we like to call “speed healing.” One treatment of laser therapy can show significant improvement in injuries that have caused pain for extended periods. One of our clients got to experience this first hand, after breaking a finger and crushing the nail bed. 

A client of ours recently crushed her finger in a garage door, resulting in a break that led to the nail needing to be sewn back into place. Doctors had to drill a whole into her nail for drainage, which had been seeping for two weeks. After this, she had had continuous throbbing pain for the last two weeks. The client requested to try laser therapy, and after one treatment she saw huge improvement.

“Constant throbbing pain for two weeks which stopped after one treatment. When I went to bed I couldn’t remember which hand I had hurt, the pain was gone.” – client.

It is truly amazing the effect laser therapy can have on an injury in the immediate aftermath. Red and infrared light activates and enhances the body’s natural healing process. It is a key therapy used in conjunction with other healing methods, recommended by our practitioners. Although laser therapy can speed up the healing process, results will depend on individual cases, injuries, and treatment plans. 

“Laser is phenomenal for speeding up the healing of muscle strain and pain and many wounds. It decreases pain and swelling, improves mobility and gets you back to normal activities faster,” – Estelle Barry, Avalon Laser Health, Physiotherapist. 
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