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Virtual Treatment Plans

Virtual therapy

Don’t let being stuck at home stop you from healing!

We are pleased to offer virtual support to clients. With muscle and joint injuries, pain conditions, how you move can be a major factor in healing.  Poor positions can aggravate pain, even worsen the injury.  Controlling rest positions, changing movement patterns and habits and adding corrective exercise all contribute to a smooth and on-time recovery. 

Our online or virtual treatment adds a little DIY to your at-home treatment plan; if needed, we’ll even teach you some mobilization and massage techniques that you or your partner can practice!

Our diligence to Covid masking, spacing and cleaning rules is paramount. Our new facility is at 63 Patrick Street, and allows for spacing directives to be easily maintained.  Our reception staff are safe behind plexi-glass and all staff and clients remain masked.  We are all fully vaccinated and have received our booster shots.

Treatment within the clinic is still available, with treatment spaces cleaned after each treatment. While much quieter than usual, treatment here is as safe as we can make it. Interested?   Reach out at 753 0155 or email us at info@avalonlaserhealth.ca


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