Meet Our Pros: Estelle Barry, Owner and Head Physiotherapist

Avalon Laser Health Head Physiotherapist, Estelle Barry, has been practicing so long she can’t remember when she began. It doesn’t matter to her in the scheme of things, as long as she continues to help people heal. She didn’t always know how much she would love being a Physiotherapist however, as the profession itself was not overly common when she first gained an interest

“An older female neighbor was looking into becoming a Physiotherapist. I’d never heard of it, and had to look it up to see how to spell it,” she recalls of her first experiences with the field. 

“I was athletic and liked the concept of a mobility-based profession.”

After learning about this new profession that really seemed to resonate for her, Estelle decided to take the leap and began working towards becoming a Physiotherapist. Over her decades-long career, she’s seen and treated every kind of mobility issue, but she is most passionate about what she now sees as a common denominator in such issues: Posture. 

“Posture was rare to be identified as a problem when I first started, and now it causes or complicates most pain conditions that I see.”

While each client and the challenges they present are unique, it helps to know that something like posture is a common underlying issue. Figuring out a treatment plan based on that is one of the things Estelle enjoys most about being a Physiotherapist – it “keeps her thinking.” Even the way she develops individual treatment plans has changed over her career, in large part due to learning about Laser Therapy.

“I had a patient who was very seriously injured in an industrial accident, who introduced me to the laser. It gave him the best pain relief from a very large range of modalities, including pain meds,” says Estelle on first gaining interest in the therapy.

“His relief was temporary but he was so grateful for it. So, I went to the Meditech Clinic in Toronto to see the Bioflex Laser – I loved what I saw and the rest is history.”

Since opening Avalon Laser Health 12 years ago, Estelle has seen the benefits Laser Therapy has on her patients first-hand, making her a strong advocate for combining Laser Therapy with traditional therapies.

“The benefits are immense. Accelerated healing, pain relief, less requirement for pain meds, faster recovery from injury – I’ve been able to make so many patients so happy, so much faster. It’s a great feeling.”

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