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The Many Faces of Hybrid Physiotherapy; and How to Make Them Work for You!

Hybrid Physiotherapy

In-clinic & Virtual Care, Combined

Hybrid Physiotherapy is the real Physiotherapy deal, at its most convenient to you. We can really speak only of our clinics, Avalon Laser Health and Monastery Health, because Hybrid care so suits our philosophy of care – Heal Well to Rehab Well. Although we are located in St John’s, NL, our reach is much greater with Hybrid Care; and is inspired by poor access to care in the rural areas of our province, Newfoundland and Labrador.

So, what is Hybrid physiotherapy care; and why is our clinic so well positioned to provide this care?


In a nut-shell, Hybrid care uses both virtual and in-clinic resources to create a treatment plan, to our clients’ requirements and  convenience. The following examples highlight the flexibility of the program.

  • A client from a rural community comes to our clinic for an initial assessment for foot pain and the recommended treatment includes laser and exercise. A home exercise plan is created and a protocol established for daily laser, using a Bioflex laser device, rented for 1 month. The treatment plan includes regular weekly or biweekly followup, mostly virtual but our client will attend for in-clinic treatment during the 3rd week, as he has planned a trip to the city that day.
  • A client with arthritis has heard about the effectiveness of laser and wants to try it. He has no plans for a trip to the city. He participates in a virtual assessment, during which the physio reviews the pertinent medical history, determines present flexibility and mobility restrictions, and medication usage. The impact of work and recreational activities are considered; and exercise and ergonomic recommendations are made. His best option is to rent a Bioflex laser device and participate in occasional physiotherapy review to modify the laser protocol, as required,  to achieve best results and to offer exercise and ergonomic advice to progress rehab efforts. If opportunity arises he will attend the clinic, but if not, the treatment plan remains completely virtual.
  • A client has a date for a total hip replacement surgery, but is concerned about the possibility of a poor outcome, as his brother in law had the same surgery a couple of years earlier and is in worse shape than before the surgery. He wants to do all he can to ensure his surgery is more successful. He has heard of low intensity laser being used before and after surgery to improve pain management following surgery and to improve outcome expectations. He’s right! There’s considerable research support for using laser before and after surgery. To action this, we recommend a pre-operative virtual or in-clinic assessment to determine what the laser and exercise protocols should be. Most often, we recommend the rental of a laser device from Bioflex, to be used for a week or more before surgery and as soon as the surgeon permits the scar to be accessed post-operatively. The in-clinic option also works, if preferable to our client.
  • A client was being treated for neck and back pain, which he related to excessive driving, typical of his employment as a sales rep. In addition to a lot of driving, he was required to spend several days at a time in a regional office set-up. His physiotherapy plan was entirely exercise and ergonomics based.  He was very pleased to be able to have the occasional virtual treatment, to trouble-shoot ergonomics in different environments, and to correct exercise techniques, easily muddled when they’re intended to correct poor habits.
  • A client sustained a fractured leg some years past, but continued to have persistent knee pain and trouble with walking any distance. He started laser and exercise treatment at our clinic, but as an off-shore worker, had to interrupt treatment for work cycles. It made great sense for him to rent a laser device unit for a month; and had great results. He used the laser daily; and attended our clinic for a discharge session and advice on return to gym activities upon his return.
  • A local client sustained neck and back injuries in a recent MVA, needed care, but found it very difficult to attend for in-clinic care because of pain and the foggy brain associated with medication. She benefited from a virtual assessment and a treatment plan which initially consisted only of laser (rented for a month) and advice on positional comfort at home. After 2 weeks, she could attend the clinic, and early motion and exercise was added to her care plan. It was convenient for her to attend for in-clinic care, so the rest of her treatment plan was conducted in-clinic.
  • And there are so many other situations when it ‘just works’ to have the flexibility of both in-clinic and virtual appointments.

Our clinics are so well positioned to offer the hybrid laser and physio care because we use laser as our primary modality for pain management… which just happens to restore normal cell function and structure, accelerate normal healing, stimulate healing in tissues that have healed poorly, and stall or stop the progression of arthritic and other degenerative changes. Clients don’t have to attend for laser treatment, as Bioflex offers these devices for rent and/or purchase. The other reason for our clinics’s suitability for hybrid care is our focus on postural correction and independent exercise. This treatment philosophy minimizes manual therapies done to the client. We know that muscles can only be controlled by our clients, themselves; and we spend our physiotherapy time coaching and correcting to achieve optimal muscle function. This aspect of care can be done as effectively virtually, as in-clinic. It is empowering for our clients to assume such a central role in their own care and rehab outcomes. It is, after all, their lives to live.

Whether in-clinic or virtual, physiotherapy costs are the same. The structure of laser costs changes, but the net result is similar costs on an average monthly basis. Separating the two charges has the effect of extending physiotherapy benefits, which is important considering the length of time required to rehab most injuries, but especially the chronic ones.

Bottom line is … You have to heal well in order to rehab well; and hybrid care provides a cost-effective treatment option.


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