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Using the latest new, secure technology, we offer video treatment for your injury and pain. It feels like a Skype or Facetime visit; but more secure because the technology has been developed with health confidentiality a goal. If you’re researching online virtual physiotherapy on google, it goes by other names too, including: virtual physiotherapy, video physiotherapy, tele-health physiotherapy, tele-rehab and remote physiotherapy.

We hope this service will provide an effective treatment option for NL residents in rural and under-serviced areas; and for those who can’t access our clinic, for any reason. We also offer a hybrid service option, for those who can sometimes come to our clinic, but run into scheduling or other access issues. Recently, this hybrid version is particularly suited to long-time clients who are still avoiding Covid exposure, and those who are recovering from Covid.

Our online or virtual treatment services will include physiotherapy and laser therapy, one or both, as makes sense to your requirements. We offer nurse practitioner services, for those without family doctors or who would just like to consult with a nurse practitioner.

We have teamed up with Bioflex Laser to offer rental and purchase options for laser home units. Although not as powerful as the laser units available within the clinic, these units are safe and still very effective. They are a great option for home use. Laser is our go-to modality for pain relief. It also speeds healing, improves mobility and decreases the likelihood of injury relapse or recurrence. Our physiotherapists hold Bioflex certifications, and can troubleshoot most application issues you may experience with the personal unit.

Physiotherapy is the core of our online services. Whether provided in-clinic or on-line, the main goal of physiotherapy is always helping our clients to understand their pain and to acquire the skills and confidence to abolish or manage pain. Whether in-clinic or on-line, the bulk of a physiotherapy treatment plan falls upon the client to do, in the form of home exercise and correcting mechanical issues that may underlie the pain presentation.

If you would benefit from physiotherapy services and wonder if Virtual care can actually help you; and the answer is a resounding ‘Yes’, you can expect the following:

  • The assessment experience itself is focused. The client role is expanded, with respect to describing the pain experience and treatment effects. The therapist role requires full attention, as you are guided through the movements required to understand your pain presentation. It is an experience in active listening, as client and therapist together find consensus on the nature of the pain problem and decide a treatment plan.
  • We recognize that the site of pain is not always the source of pain; and it is through this lens that we view all aspects of assessment and treatment. It is important to us, and very do-able with virtual treatment, that we, client and therapist, understand and explore how this impacts our client’s pain presentation.
  • Your treatment plan is customized, with respect to assessment findings. It will include physio, and possibly laser therapy, if laser is needed to achieve desired treatment outcomes. Exercises will be graded to the stage of your injury. All aspects of your treatment plan will respect your goals, time constraints, and other personal circumstances.
  • It is an approved physiotherapy service; and can be direct-billed where this is an option supported by most extended insurance policies.

Some of the most commonly encountered questions that are easily answered within a virtual visit include:

  • What is causing pain? A stiff muscle, a stiff joint, a pinched nerve? etc
  • Does your footwear contribute to the pain?
  • Is your computer set-up causing pain?
  • What’s the best sleeping position for you?
  • What can you do at home to relieve pain following injury?; what’s the best position in which to rest an injured limb?
  • What happens if exercises are done wrong?

We can provide answers to these questions, and so many more. Our goal is to help you understand your pain, and find effective treatment measures so you may never have to experience such pain again. Unlike other health providers, our goal is to help you fix the mechanical causes, and not just the symptoms.

If it hurts to move, we can help you Get Better, even if you’re stuck at home or live in an under-serviced area.

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