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A client of ours recently crushed her finger in a garage door, resulting in a break that led to the nail needing to be sewn back into place. Doctors had to drill a whole into her nail for drainage, which had been seeping for two weeks. After this, she had had continuous throbbing pain for the last two weeks. The client requested to try laser therapy, and after one treatment she saw huge improvement.

Constant throbbing pain for two weeks which stopped after one treatment. When I went to bed I couldn’t remember which hand I had hurt, the pain was gone. – client.

After being hit by another driver my independence was taken away. I could no longer do the little things in life that we take for granted – laundry, dishes, sweeping the floor, playing with my seven-year-old all became very challenging for me. The team at Avalon Laser Health Physiotherapy and Wellness has given me back my independence,

Not only have they relieved my pain, but they are continuously teaching me the skills needed to reach my goals while at home. They really believe in whole-health therapy and worked together to get me back to my pre-accident self. The team at Avalon Laser Health Physiotherapy and Wellness are not only staff, but have become a second family to me. They really go above and beyond for their clients. - Amy

I am seeing Heather for heart and circulatory issues. She is a skilled and iniutive acupuncturist. Her treatments always 'hit the spot' for healing and wellbeing. Highly recommended. S. Fyson Randall, St. John's, NL. - Susan Fyson Randall

Stephanie was absolutely amazing and caring. She checked my posture, asked questions about my body history and stress to help pinpoint triggers. She is very gentle and patient. It was my first time and I’m a younger female but she really validated my pain and healing journey. Informative session, she taught me stretches for muscles and fascia release after session and tips on further healing outside her space. - Natalie Tuglavina

By far the best deep tissue massage I've ever had. Stepanie is very knowledgable and personable. And those magic fingers worked wonders on my trigger points. - Tina Smith

Stephanie is fantastic! I highly recommend her if you're looking for trigger point massage and an overall excellent RMT! - Kirstin Willick

Cheryl is AMAZING! She is very professional and know what is best to focus on. She did exactly what I needed and requested for, and she was asking questions to make sure I am comfortable during the massage. It was the best massage I have ever received in St. John's!

The staff were also friendly and the environment is relaxing. The only thing is about the bed which was not in the best shape and was making noises. Also, the face cushion seemed very old and worn. If the bed and face cushion will be replaced with new ones, there would be definitely my first choice to visit in St. John's for a massage! - Foroogh Mohammadi

Having been to the Avalon Laser Clinic many times for a variety of issues I can say that they are amazing. My arthritic fingers are painfree .... at least for the past year; the torn nailbed on my middle finger has healed so well it is not noticeable; my fall down the stairs has almost healed perfectly over the past month and my long term issue due to a surgery induced disability has healed to the point that my life is normal - as normal as possible for me. The Clinic and its practitioners have all been wonderful. I highly recommend their expertise. - Ann Marie Barry

I have nothing but great things to say about the service and staff with Avalon Laser Health Physiotherapy and Wellness. This is my second time visiting them for two different injuries. Their knowledgeable staff quickly assessed the injury and created a plan that was not only effective but timely. Scheduling is never an issue and their support with financial plans really helps with any financial stress. I would highly recommend this service. - Scott Barron

A huge "Thank you!" To Bayo Adebayo for a thorough physio assessment and treatments. Kudos to the Avalon Laser Team. - Clare Barry

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