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Arthritis - Essentially, arthritis means inflammation of one or more joints. Other conditions linked to arthritis:

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Low Back, Mid Back and Neck Pain Presentations

Lumbar / Low Back & Neck Disc injuries - Low back and neck disc injuries occur when the intervertebral disc wall, located between the bones (vertebrae) of the spine, weaken, bulge and eventually rupture.

Some other conditions:

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Nerve Related Pain Conditions

Persistant Pain & Nerve Pain - A neuropathy is any condition that affects the normal activity of nerves outside the brain and spinal cord.

Below are some nerve-related pain conditions:

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Posture Pain & Repetitive Strain Injuries

Repetitive Strain - These are generally considered to be the result of overuse, repeating the same movement repeatedly, very often related to work, sports or other recreational activity.

Some related conditions:

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Foot Pain

Foot Pain - Foot pain is complex, and a great many health care practitioners can contribute to managing it.

Related conditions:

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Work Related Injuries

Work related injuries - Work related injuries can occur in all work environments, and they look like other injuries commonly seen in a physiotherapy clinic.

Other conditions:

  • Military & Police work injuries
  • Workplace NL

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A few conditions where laser therapy stars:

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