Avalon Laser Health offers physiotherapy treatment for joint mobilization and manipulation, sports injury rehabilitation, post-motor vehicle accident rehabilitation, post-operative rehabilitation, exercise prescription and core strengthening programs, and postural rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy is the treatment of disease, injury, or deformity of the human body by a variety of physical methods including but not limited to: heat treatment; exercise, postural, gait, balance and coordination re-training; and manual manipulation and/or mobilization of tissues and joints.

Key results of all physiotherapy:

  • recover from pain,
  • restore healthy movement patterns (i.e flexibility and mobility), and
  • build a stronger body that is less likely to injure in the future!

Physiotherapists provide so much more than simple injury rehabilitation. At the heart of their work is an understanding of how and why movement and function of the body take place. If you have a limited range of motion or pain that is keeping you from moving like you want, physiotherapy can be the answer. Physiotherapists work with both athletes and everyday folk to relieve pain, restore movement, and improve performance.

What to Expect

At Avalon Laser Therapy, your treatment begins with a full assessment that will consider your health history, previous therapy and a clinical assessment of your injury. The assessment will take an hour. Depending on the findings, your treatment plan typically includes education about your condition and preventing further injury, laser therapy and an exercise program to improve range of motion and strength in the area.

At Avalon Laser Health, our physiotherapists offer the advantage of low intensity laser therapy in addition to your care. This is both a unique and wonderful adjunct to your care when you work with the team at our clinic! (Learn more about our lasers.)

Are We The Right Clinic For You?

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