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Meet Our Pros: Blaise Peters

Massage Therapists St. John's

From Laser Tech to full-time Physiotherapist, Blaise Peters has been with Avalon Laser Health for a year and a half, supporting clients in getting their lives back on track. As a one-time competitive soccer player, he knows the importance of working with professionals for your injuries and pain. In fact, it’s those experiences that drove him to become a physiotherapist.

“I was always grateful to my trainers and physiotherapists who helped me get back on the field, so I wanted to be able to do that for other people.”

The help Blaise now provides to our clients is unmatched. He works with them to not only heal, but to focus on becoming more active to avoid future pain. Citing the low number of individuals that meet the recommended physical activity requirements, he emphasizes the importance of maintaining physical activity and how physio can help a person become physically active again. Being able to give that support to people, and seeing the results, motivates him even more. 

“Working with someone who truly feels their pain will never go away, then helping them relieve that pain, is a fantastic feeling.”

Our clients get the added benefit of education with Blaise, who is always reinforcing the fact that exercise, combined with low intensity laser therapy, is a great way to relieve pain outside of physiotherapy. He’s got the tips and tricks to maintain your health after he gets you back up to par. He says that poor sitting posture and lifting mechanics are some of the most common causes of lower back pain he sees – take note! 

Overall, as a passionate physiotherapist, Blaise just wants our clients – and you! – to know that you don’t have to be in pain.

“Pain isn’t normal. Inactivity and muscle imbalances are a common cause of pain – I can help!”

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